A-113 deployed to Bato in search of a suspected NVA regiment in the mountains between Bato and the coast. Bad weather forced the return of one Marine chopper with half the MF deployment.  The rest of us landed and spent a week looking for the Regiment.  The terrain was so mountainous, and it was raining so hard that many of the valleys and streams were impassable.  We  had fire support from the Bato  A-Team 105mm howitzwer!
In 1966 and 1967, Special Forces in I Corps were directed from the C-Team Headquarters, located on the coast, south of Danang city.

The Mike Force compound, originally along the north border, adjacent to MAG-16, was relocated along the south border for better overall camp defense.  In 1966 and 1967, the only thing between the camp's southern wire and trenchline and Marble Mountain was the trash dump!

From Danang, Special Forces operations ranged from the DMZ, on the north, to the II Corps border, on the south.