ClThe guidon and emblem of A-113, was a black eagle, which had great powers and was indestructible, according to local legend.  We focused our energies on ensuring that this legend came true!

And we built showers and latrines!

With lots of help from team mates and many who served in the I Corps Mike Force teams--A-100, A-111, A-113 & B-16, 1965-1970--I have pulled together a 100-page illustrated history of the Mike Force in I Corps.  The document is based on both official and unofficial, oral historical accounts.  It includes photos, maps and sketches which help readers understand the descriptions.

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I Corps Mike Force history
I Corps Mike Force history
Top:  WO2 Tony Sigger, Koho company commander and interpreter lead A-113 Koho Company in tactics training, Danang 1966

Bottom:  WO2 Alec Morris (left) and WO1 Bill Bryson build the showers in the "new" Mike Force compound, Danang 1966