From 1961-1971, in I Corps, Special Forces C-Team had several Mike Force teams, including A-100 (formed Sep '66),  A-111 (formed Mar '67) & A-113 (formed Aug '65).  I was the XO  & acting CO of A-113.  A-100 was the Corps'  mobile guerilla force; A-111 & A-113 were the Corps' mobile strike forces.  Typical A-113 ops were combat ops, camp reinforcement, search for missing SF & bomb damage assessment.  All teams were based adjacent to the C-Team in Danang, and operated throughout I Corps.
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A-113 team was a joint Australian & US team. The Aussies were great team members & great soldiers.

A-113 had three companies, one Rhade, one Koho and one Nung.  We send several team members to II Corps to recruit another Montagnard company and were booted out of the Corps, and theatened with jail if we ever came back and attmpted the effort!lThe concerns by the Vietnamese government about FULRO ran deep!
In Aug 1966 -Jan, 1967, A-113 alternated between building a new camp/camp defenses and deployment to various I Corps camp areas.  At Tra Bong, we spend a week looking for lost A-Team members, seeking a PAVN HQ, and battling leeches!  All turned out right in the end.  The lost SF were found and returned to the camp.l