The photos on this page and the next one give a pretty good idea of what we did and what life was like at Gia Vuc--at least in the daytime, and where a camera can see.

The camera can't see in the night-time.  It can't see the  leeches, the snakes, the elephant grass, the fog and rain, the heat, the triple canopy, the wait-a-minute vines and the always changing terrain elevations.  It can't see Mr. Nguyen and all his little friends and tricks.  But they were all there.  Believe it.

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Click herLife at an A-Camp consisted of a lot of things happening at the same time.  There were always two combat ops out at any one time. These typically lasted a week, and were always outside support of camp mortars.  We had no air, artillery or other support for these ops, except what we carried in our rucks.

In addition, nightly ambushes were run within the supporting range of camp mortars.  Daily civic action and medcap ops were run.

The camp's three  outposts were visited daily.  The camp's defenses were under improvement daily as well. And there was always a team member off site for scrounging, er, training!  That' s where Mac found the mortar--training, I'm sure!