Vienna, dating from Roman times, is a lovely city--historic and modern at the same time.  Vienna's old town, the Innere Stadt, contains a concentration of tasty delights--literally and figuratively.  Vienna is no place for "less is more"!  Here, it's "more is more". Among Vienna's visual treats are the world's most decorative firestation (below left), the historic Griechenbeisl inn (left), St. Stephen's (below), the Anker Clock (below, left) with its historical figures telling the hour, and the Museum of Applied Art (MAK--below right), with its exterior mural of a window wall, on a highly trafficed boulevard.
The Wachau is a narrow stretch of the Danube River, northwest of Vienna, and an easy day drive.  There, tour boats provide easy and scenic access to the vineyards, picturesque villages, castles and fortified abbeys, including the Gothic parish in Spitz (right), the Schonbuhel Castle (below right) and the Benedictine Abbey at Melk (below left and second left).